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Our solutions facilitate trust and local impact, while enhancing business culture and employee engagement through meaningful philanthropy.


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About Smartgive

Smartgive provides individual fundraising tools, crowdfunding, forecasting, analytics and grant disbursement.

With our platform, non-profit organizations can receive donations directly from individuals, bypassing large grant-making institutions. This streamlines the funding process, reducing administrative complexity and overhead.

See immediate impact with our direct-to-mission platform

The platform offers a suite of tools to non-profits to aid them in their missions, which includes fundraising tools, forecasting capabilities, analytics, and mechanisms for grant disbursement


True Transparency

True Transparency

Donors see exactly where their money goes in real time. This transparency removes the obscurity found in traditional systems, boosting donor confidence and engagement.


Just-in-Time Funding

Just-in-Time Funding

Our platform provides the funds exactly when they're needed. This eliminates the unpredictability of program revenue and ensures consistent funding for critical community services.


Real-Time Impact

Real-Time Impact

Track the impact of each donation in real-time. True transparency enhances accountability and reinforces the connection between donors and community non-profits.


Stay Mission Focused

Stay Mission Focused

Devote more time to your mission and less time to fundraising. Replace time-consuming grant applications with real-time funding mechanisms.

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Ready to create your giving story? Our platform makes everyday philanthropy accessible, convenient and meaningful. You can make a difference.


Follow along with us as we embed giving into everyday commerce, creating a world where giving is at the forefront of community engagement.

With the right solutions, nonprofits and donors can form powerful partnerships

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